Though Ether began its’ history as a commodity, with the rise of proof-of-stake, it appears to be evolving to other areas as well. Here we introduce Ether’s future value proposition in a Proof-of-Stake-based environment.

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It’s the world computer. It’s the backbone for the future, blockchain-driven internet. Over the course of Ethereum’s short history, it’s been called all of the above and more, though in times of particular network-congestion, crypto’s leading host for decentralized apps has consistently fallen short. Now, with EIP-1559 on the horizon, it’s never been more important to understand where Ethereum’s, and by extension, Ether’s, value lies today…

In this post, you’ll find a round-up of the top insights from Bloomberg’s Crypto Summit on Bitcoin and its’ road ahead.

As we remain in a macro-driven investment environment where stores of value are thriving, it’s never been more important to keep track of Bitcoin’s progress, both from the retail and institutional sides. With that under consideration, last week, we attended Bloomberg’s Crypto Summit to gauge the current institutional sentiment on crypto’s leading asset. …

In this post, we dig into volatility and improve risk models related to Bitcoin, using research from Joel Coverdale, CFA, and CoinShares.

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As Bitcoin experiences its first major bearish movement in quite some time this week, it’s never been more important to familiarize yourself with the major risks of investing in it. Though it’s still early for crypto’s leading asset, recent research such as Joel Coverdale, CFA’s “Bitcoin: An Asset Allocation Primer” and Coinshares’, “Volatility: The Price of Opportunity,” serve as excellent frameworks for setting the scene for future risk models related to Bitcoin in portfolios of all shapes and…

Through the 4 key insights discussed here, you’ll find it easier to frame what’s driving the current institutional interest in Bitcoin.

While the world continues to float in a relatively high level of uncertainty due to COVID-19, Bitcoin continues to rise. In the interest of keeping abreast of the latest developments related to its’ still institutionally driven growth, we attended Real Vision’s: “Bitcoin in the Real World” event. Just as we did with the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, we’ve compiled the key insights from the RV event to share with you below.

  1. Institutions turn to other key metrics above the…

Here, we define what CBDCs are, where they stand in the Nordics, while setting the scene for whether they compete with Bitcoin.

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The more that Bitcoin grows, the more important it becomes to truly nail down who its’ competitors are and who they aren’t.

Rising above all others in this respect, due to their sheer media attention and governmental backing are central bank digital currencies or “CDBCs.” To many analysts and pundits of all shapes and sizes, CBDCs are currently considered to be a major, future competitor to Bitcoin. …

2020 marked the first year that Bitcoin was held up by institutions as a viable inflation hedge. Read on below as we share our thoughts on why!

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Last May, Paul Tudor Jones kicked-off the institutionally-driven rally that Bitcoin’s still experiencing today with a letter to investors in his Tudor BVI Global Fund. In that letter, he set Bitcoin up as the next great inflation hedge in a world where global debt is exponentially rising compared to GDP and 6.6% of said GDP had already been created through quantitative easing (money printing).

As 2020 unfolded, other institutions iterated on that thesis…

Nailing down whether Bitcoin’s in a supply shock requires understanding certain key on-chain metrics, which we detail in this post!

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Digital scarcity continues to drive Bitcoin adoption. If you don’t know what that means yet, just imagine an asset that will only ever have 21 million in supply, because said supply is controlled by inalterable computer code. That’s the foundation of Bitcoin’s bull-case for 2020 and beyond, that most new investors have adopted, but the fact is, it’s been Bitcoin’s key value proposition since the beginning.

Now, what makes things different for crypto’s leading asset is that its’ current rally…

As the crypto space continues its current, powerful bull-market, scams are picking up speed. Read on to learn about ElectroRAT and how to protect yourself against it.

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We’ve now reached 2021 and as the crypto market continues to gather steam, crypto-based scammers are following suit. One scam in particular, titled ElectroRAT, bears mentioning due to the sheer number of cryptocurrency users that it has affected and the fact that it’s still going on. Once you understand how ElectroRAT works, it’s fairly easy to grasp how to protect yourself against it and other scams like it.

What is ElectroRAT?: A Suite of “Trojanized” Applications

According to the cybersecurity team…

As we enter 2021, a few key Bitcoin trends bear watching. Read on to find out which.

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We’ve stepped into 2021 and Bitcoin looks like it’s just getting started. In a year in which the world has stepped into a paradigm shift brought about by the spread of a novel virus, institutions and individuals alike are catching on to the benefits of crypto’s leading asset. If you’ve read any of our other content on Bitcoin in 2020, then you know that we’ve been tracking the case for it as a safe haven for both institutions and the average investor. …

Through the five key insights discussed here, you’ll learn what industry professionals from the Paris Blockchain Week Summit expect in 2021.

In this year of uncertainty, it’s never been more important to stay abreast of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space. With that in mind, this week, we attended the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, which brought together traditional finance professionals, public sector officials, crypto insiders, and general crypto enthusiasts on the Hopin platform to discuss this year’s progress in the crypto space and look ahead to 2021. Though it was an event with numerous interesting insights, if you were…

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